a surreal world for a music video film festival

visual identity & poster design for music video film festival


a social media
presence as weird,
wonderful, &
hand-crafted as the beer

photography, copywriting,
social media management, online customer service for a killer new brewery.

a bookkeeper with a vision for financial clarity and empowerment
brand, digital design


a modern look for an academic research non-profit
brand identity

a brand for a college that empowers young women to make their wildest dreams even wilder.
digital, print, web, and signage design for the Stephens College full rebrand

A collection of print ads.

A collection of print ads.

Citizen Jane 2016: Glitch.
A glitch in the system can change the DNA of the film industry forever.
poster, program, print and web collateral, advertising

mystical business cards that engage the audience immediately: which card will they take?

a high-end website for high-end catering

a toolkit for the first sexual assault program built specifically for the LGBT community
branding, digital and print outreach, educational materials


a brand for
a new type of retirement

logo, branding, ad design