hi there, POllyanna!

I'm excited you're here. Authentic branding can completely transform a company (no matter the size) because it's a tangible element that connects your customers to your company, and your company to you. A brand is far more than a first impression or a business card: it's a framework that defines purpose and connects every person who interacts with your company under a common understanding of what your company is all about. It acts as a silent employee that introduces your company to the world before you do, and has the power to establish trust and credibility without you lifting a finger. Your brand is not just a logo– it's a story, a voice, an identity. 

I ask these questions to understand your story, and then I use your story as a script. Design is about translating that script from a giant jumbled mess of thoughts in your mind into a simple "Ohh, I get it." moment. You know– simple magic. Let's get started!

What Makes Up a Brand?

List as many adjectives or phrases as you can think of. Think about how your ideal clients would describe you to friends at brunch.
This will help us build a master list of services, as well as fill out the more informative parts of your website. If you find links that entirely explain what it is you do, list them here, too.
Below, choose between two adjectives. Think about how you want your business to "feel" to your clients.
Between researching the world of tantra and getting a glimpse of your personality, I've curated two design directions below. These will be the starting places for our visual design work and your future brand- this is the mood board phase, so we're focusing on overall vibes. Look at the elements all together– which style can you see yourself feeling comfortable in? Can you visualize your own voice within either of those looks? Keep in mind that your logo and brand will be reflected in your social media posts, too, both visually and in how you write. (If both of these design directions feel completely wrong, try to identify why. We'll talk it out and find a more authentic solution.)

Visual Option 1

Sensual, polished, balanced


Visual Direction 2

Bold, fun, vibrant

Have photo examples or research to share?
Shoot me an email at hello@rudipetry.com.