Double Line Bookkeeping LLC


Money can be a paralyzing obstacle when you’re trying to run your own small business.

Double Line Bookkeeping set out to build a brand that offered complete bookkeeping services without an air of mystery. Owner Anne wanted to empower clients to look at their own numbers, become familiar with them, and know that they have a bookkeeper who works hard to empower and educate them, not hold them hostage to a maze of hidden files and spreadsheets.

I built the logo around Anne’s love for stained glass as a way to empower her with her own brand and marketing. I used traditional industry colors (blue, green, gray) in a fresh, dusted-off way, and kept graphics bold yet soft to appeal to the new generation of business owners.


“Rudi, the branding process you provided turned out to be very helpful: one that helped to clarify the vision, mission and identity of the company. At our first meeting you were friendly and engaging, put me at ease and listened very carefully.  You came up with branding that presents a clean and uncluttered image in line with our vision.”

– Anne Hodgens, Ownder & Manager of Double Line Bookkeeping, LLC.

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