Ponysaurus Brewing Co.

How does our Belgian Pale Ale taste? Imagine a bakery. But the bakery is outside. In a field. There’s a rainbow, probably. And someone’s juggling melons. Look at him go. It’s like that. But a beer. In a can.
— New beer description | Belgian Pale Ale | December 5, 2016

I was the social media manager and content creator for Ponysaurus Brewing, Co. Every week I’d build and develop a media plan for the following month’s time. I’d look at other events in the city, what new beers would be released at the brewery, and our food truck lineup, and try to cross-promote and position all the moving parts into strategic combos. The brewery prioritized creating strategic partnerships, and aligning ourselves with events we thought our market would be paying attention to.

The tone of voice for our social posts were meant to be enthusiastic and have strong calls to action, with a strong emphasis on strategic hashtags and networking with other food and beverage companies in the area.


Editorial planning • Copywriting • Photography • Social media management • Community management • Strategic partnership development


Since the craft brewery space is so competitive, it was important for us to position Ponysaurus as a brewery with integrity– not just in the quality of the beers they serve but also in the quality of the experience you have when you come into the space. Part of my job was to become literate in nuances of beer development and drinking experiences, and be able to talk to the casual beer drinker or more saisoned beer enthusiasts. (see what I did there? Saison? Another big part of my job was finding beer-related puns.)

We needed to puff our chests out– we had a new brand to build! In these early days it was imperative to draw attention and go toe-to-toe with established breweries.

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