Citizen Jane Film Festival

Citizen Jane is a women’s film festival in Columbia, Missouri built in collaboration with the student body of Stephens College. I have been the designer for this festival since 2013 (excluding 2017).

The project scope includes creating the year’s visual identity based on a mission statement or narrative for the year. While creating the cornerstone art for the year, I create a rich world of visuals and messaging for other artists, festival builders, and students to utilize. I also execute as much collateral as possible within the time frame provided: print ads, online graphics, social materials, the festival program, visitor passes, etc.

My goal every year is to make something that is bold enough to get attention, simple enough to be picked up by any collaborator, and deep enough to be able to hold a powerful message.

• Concept • Poster • Program • Passes • Print Ads • Digital Graphics • Social Ads • Merchandise • Functional Signage • Video Screens • Flyers • Tickets •

Over the years I’ve worked to build a strong brand for Citizen Jane that provided artistic freedom and variety.

I don't want to own it. I want to build it & contribute to it, but in order to serve the mission it must be independent of me. It must be accessible to the students helping build it. I make my own job harder by making sure that whatever I build still looks good if someone who’s less experienced than I am starts working with it. That's the collaborative environment I'm trying to foster.

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