Howdy, hilary and Al! 

I'm so excited you're here- this is the beginning of a study on your company's goals and inherent identity. A brand is far more than a first impression or a business card: it's a framework that defines purpose and connects each and every person who interacts with your company under a common idea.I really believe that authentic branding can completely transform a business, no matter the size, because it gives your dreams a face. From the CEO to the new hire in the warehouse, from the customer who tells every friend about you to the fresh-from-a-google-search prospect, having a distinct and well-crafted brand puts everyone on the same page. It's the glue that keeps the ideas together! 

What Makes Up a Brand?

What's your unique way of solving that problem?
List as many adjectives (or phrases) as you can think of that describe your company. Include aspects of the business, but also customer service, company culture, and your vision for the future of your business.
Take a look at their website or promotional materials while you're at it. Take a note: do you like their look? Or, if you dislike what you see, why do you dislike it?
They don't need to be in your industry, but it helps if their target market is similar to yours.
What do clients think about you? What's the best thing they know about you? Is there anything you'd like to change their minds about?
Your Target market
Tell me about your target market as you can. Include whatever demographic data you have as well as anecdotes, adjectives, and other descriptions about the people we're trying to speak to.
Imagine an ideal member of your target market finds your website for the first time. What do you want their first impression to be? What sorts of thoughts run through their mind? How do you want them to feel and think about your company?
Website Content
List out all of your services here, including any pricing information you have.
Any policy information you have regarding payment, work flow, onboarding new clients, etc. should be written out here.
Phone numbers, email addresses, forms, etc.

Have photo examples or research to share?
Shoot me an email at when you submit this questionnaire.