Brand therapy is all about talking out your ideas, problems, and goals for your business with a professional.


...Doesn't Have to Stay There 

Brand therapy sessions are not about selling my design services, but often my design services can support the brand therapy sessions with action. Whether that means updated logos, ad or print campaigns, digital design, or even complete rebranding, I can help follow your plans to execution. If my work isn't your style or I don't provide the services you need, I can help you find the people and resources that best suit you.

What Happens in Brand Therapy...

We’ll outline the current state of your business, pinpoint a few goals, and brainstorm ways to move your brand in the direction you want it to go. Sometimes all you need is a person who knows marketing and design to talk things over with, a partner who can help you sort out ideas and formulate a plan, and get excited about your business again. My style is a mixture of pragmatism and authenticity, so I'll be working to find solutions that are both within your grasp and fit your personality.