Sharp & Dirty: Book Covers by Mario Dagrada

I've found something really interesting- a cult-hit book cover design series by a man named Mario Dagrada, a designer whose portfolio seems to be made of only this project. All I can seem to find out about him is that he's Italian and created this gorgeous collection for publishing house Rizzoli between 1962 and 1972.

There's just something about that gritty minimalism from the 60s, isn't there? Uninhibited simplicity, brave color palettes, a strength and acceptance in artistic symbolism as the rise of icons and glyphs in art and design were becoming standard, the dominance of Helvetica. I see design like this as a type of method acting- these books covers portray not just plot hints to potential readers, but express theme, message, and vibe over synopsis. These were made when books were indeed beginning to be judged by their covers!

Pinterest Lately

I can't seem to get enough of these bright, fun colors! Pinterest is my office garden, making these gray snowy days a little more colorful. It's too bad we don't make winter clothes in the same bright, happy prints we use for summer clothes- I'd love a tropical flowered pair of corduroys, wouldn't you?

The bright colors are great for inspiration at work, too. I find myself erring on the conservative edge sometimes, but seeing such bold colors helps wake me up. Yeee-ummmm is what I say!