Citizen Jane 2018

“It’s not cool because there are a bunch of different fonts.

It’s cool because this poster is an invitation to mess with those fonts, and make them ugly, and mess them up, and twist them how you want to, because this is yours. You get to do what you want to.”

When I was putting the type together on the festival poster, I warped the type on purpose. I broke all of these basic typography rules in ways that I normally would be really uncomfortable with. I messed with the size. I moved things around at random. The integrity of this type has been completely ravaged in every way. Technically, it’s awful, and it kind of makes my skin crawl, but I like that.

It doesn’t have to be “beautiful” to be good design.

Design isn’t about beauty, it’s about functionality.

It’s about serving the audience and creating something for them that accomplishes the task at hand.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing really perfect design. People in design world can get very caught up in making something beautiful. There’s a message in many parts of our culture that women have to be beautiful too — that it’s their purpose, and if they’re not beautiful then something is subtracted from them.

Because we’re a women’s film festival, I wanted to use design to rebel against that. I really relish in the fact that it’s not beautiful, and that’s why I think it’s important for it to represent our film festival this year. It can be off-center, a little aggressive, flawed at a microscopic level, and still be gorgeous.

My goal every year is to make something that is bold enough to get attention, simple enough to be picked up by any collaborator on the team, and deep enough to be able to hold the weight of a powerful message.

Rudi PetryComment