New Project: Garden of Eve!

Ever wonder how the design process works?

Every single project I touch goes through a similar work process. There's a lot that goes into every project, but I wanted to show you a bit of the evolution of how clients and I come up with great ideas together. Evolution doesn't happen naturally- I love it when a client gets further inspired or excited by proposals I send them. My latest project with Howard Brown Medical was like that, so I thought I'd share with you our evolution.

Sketching out the bad ideas

My first step, once we're done with a rigorous process of talking and planning (that's for another blog post), is to get out all of my first totally garbage first ideas. For me, sketching pencil-in-hand doesn't get the job done, so I make some hideous first drafts on the computer cutting and pasting textures, colors, and type in various "this-will-end-your-career-if-anyone-sees" designs. Then I go freak out for an hour because "how-could-I-make-something-so-gross-no-one-should-ever-hire-me-omg-I'm-going-to-have-to-get-a-boring-9-to-5-job-I'm-so-bad-at-design-NO-ONE-CAN-EVER-SEE-THESE".

So here they are.

The first round of logo proposals

So once that smut is out of my head, I can start developing some real proposals! The client asked for a logo to be used in perpetuity, something sexy but energetic and inviting, classy but inviting. The color palette was defined by their new brand (which is totally bold and fun- cheers to Howard Brown for being brave!) I played around with a few distinctly different directions and sent these four over for consideration.

The last round

The team digged the colorful, blocky option, and we developed it further to make it really perfect. Directions from the client included to focus on the greens, and make the 'Eve' pop more. This time I developed some art direction as well, to give the design more context and give the client more materials to bite into. The last option was perfect!  

And there you have it! As of now we're still finishing up some details on this project, but I'll share it in it's entirety over on my portfolio page soon!