Suntory Red: Classic Whisky brand

"Drink? Or drunk? You drink thuggish whisky. You lose your memory. How shameful. Hangover? What suffering! But Red is nice to you. It entices you with lightest of light tastes, and you can drink glass after glass. You will not find yourself drunk. The secret is pure spirit...!"

How delicious is this vintage ad campaign for Suntory Red whiskey? It's got the most gloriously simple and creative way of copying and pasting itself into different concepts- nothing but pure fun here. 

I'm hoping soon I'll get a project that allows for a level of spontaneity and silliness like this. Not only to give life to a fresh, exciting brand, but to re-invigorate my own attitude towards company branding as a form of entertainment, like I always dreamed of doing. Because what's the point of speaking if you have nothing to say?