Hey There Sexy (Business)

Ain't that the truth?

I saw this image on Pinterest today. At first it was just a cute one-liner, but for some reason it stuck with me, and I think I finally get it. 

Great marketing is a little brave! Just like flirting, you've got to take a tiny bit of risk, hold the target's eye contact a little long and give a more-than-boring grin. Things could go so well- a whole new exciting experience could open up for you! But why do businesses often act so timid marketing themselves?  It's because there's always that possibility that the person you're flirting with isn't into it, and it's scary.

My experiences with clients and working in-house with a few companies has shown me that the risk involved terrifies people who are in charge of  marketing decisions. There seems to be too much at risk, so they play it safe. But (and here's the cliche) with no risk comes no reward! If you don't say something interesting, why should people pay attention? Or repeat it to their friends, or care about it, or spend money on it?

Be brave, be flirty! Being boring is rarely worth it.