Ohhhh bliss- what I wouldn't do for one more week with my honey in Oregon. I had never been to the Pacific Northwest before, and all the talk about how awesome Portland alone made in enticing. For me there was a bit of extra delight, too, because I got to soak in a bit of the terroir that made Pierce who he is. 

I loved the landscape especially, seeing flora and architectural styles I'd never seen before, the crispy air that whipped my hair all about and the excuse to wear an anorak with a sundress. The seaside was so romantic, too. I'd never seen mountains blend into the ocean like that before, and there was something so anti-beach about the shore there that made it seems like a whole new personality of the ocean to me. Coming from the southern east coast beaches, I'm used to neon bathing suits and Orange Julius shacks, and that certainly wasn't the vibe the Pacific gave me. 

I certainly wouldn't mind going back, but this time for longer and with a better camera.