Stop Pretending To Be Busy


Last night I attended this awesome event where local women entrepreneurs talked about blending their passion and their work. It was a great time, but an attendee asked a question that I just can't shake. She asked "I'm, like, a total workaholic and I just can't seem to close my computer. How do you guys convince yourself to take a break?"

I do not have this problem. And, let me be even clearer, I am a very hard worker and put myself into what I do 100%. I believe in complete focus and efficiency, I believe in quality work and am completely against half-assery. I am not a lazy person, but I abhor the notion that young people are supposed to be "workaholics" in order to succeed.

This is because there's a stark difference between being a good worker, and being a 'workaholic'. My experience tells me that people who call themselves workaholics are those who like to fret and worry and complain about how busy they are, how stressed out they've been, and how many all-nighters they put in. They wear baggy eyes like symbols of pride, and brag about 60 hour work weeks. 

A good worker? That's someone who can do a great job in a timely manner, and not get bitchy about it. That's it. It's being able to balance yourself and plan accordingly to reach a productive, efficient workflow without sacrificing other parts of your life which, by the way, help you do better work in the long-term.  

My mantra, my desktop background, and my reminder that a happy life is the goal: 
Stop the glorification of busy.